Wednesday, March 25, 2009

religion in school

Hey everyone!:) So we are studying religions in my 6Th grade. First we studied Judaism for about2 days then Christianity for about 1 day then Islam for eternity!!!! We have been studying this religion for about hmmmm i don't know... 3 WEEKS!!! I believed( and my mom believed) that we were going way too in depth into this so now during my social studies class i go to the library where I study Arabic stuff which is almost the same thing but it is focused on the culture not the religion. I am a devoted Christian so I did feel very uncomfortable learning about how to pray in the Islamic religion. First it was fine and we just learned the basics of Islam like how they dress and other basic stuff but then we started learning about the steps of how to pray and about Muhammad the starter who first thought when he was told to preach Islam he was possessed by demons but then he changed his mind and said it was God's angel Gabriel. If any of my readers are Islamic i am not trying to say that every person who follows this religion is horrible or that i hold a grudge against everyone who follows this religion i am just stating my opinion on this matter. Well if you have read this please post a comment, i love those!!! bye and please come back and visit soon for more time consuming awesome posts!!!!!:):}:>:]