Monday, August 17, 2009

School ugh:(:(:(:(!!

School starts in two days! The summer went waaay too fast. In two days I am officially a seventh grade girl! The last two years at my new school have went by very quickly. Seventh grade. WOW. I am about halfway through regular school( not including college of course)already. Life goes fast. Might as well try to enjoy school because I've still got a lot ahead.
So my awesome cousin is coming tomorrow. She is great and is my 3rd or second favorite girl my age. We always have great fun even though she almost goes crazy when my sister and I fight. But it may surprise her that our fighting now, and when we last saw her, has gotten better from when I was like 10 and she was about 13.
Got to go now. I am now going to play Pirates of the Caribbean online. See ya. I will type again soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hi everyone. Again i am sorry that i have not been posting. I have been oober busy. Last week i went to Missouri with my family for our summer vacation. I was really fun! We stayed in a motel at a camp ground next to an awesome river. We got to swim in the river pretty much every day also. The best parts of our trip were the caves we went to, us canoeing for about 4 hours on a 6 mile route,( I got a horrible sun burn from this because i was pretty stupid for not putting any sun lotion on.)and we also got to go to a place called fun town were they had go-carts and other awesome things. The go-carting was really fun. I beat my family the first time around but they started to get the hang of it.
Also the other day my mom, brothers, sister, her friend, my friend, and i went swimming! It was super fun especially because they had two awesome water slides. Everything that happened was pretty funny.
So now i am reading this book series called Left Behind. It is about a group of kids who do not believe Jesus died on the cross to save them from being separated from God forever because of all of the wrong things they had done. While they all are teenagers Jesus comes back to take all of the believers( true Christians) back to heaven. These kids get left behind with all of the other non-believers. In these books they find out the truth and go through hundreds of adventures to bring many others to Christ. I suggest for you to read these great books. They are really amazing!:)