Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hey, today it was 1 degrees f. outside and the wind chill was -26 pretty much the whole day!!!! I was SO cold. I think officially it is going to be a white Christmas because it has been snowing outside a lot lately! I got to open i present today before Christmas!!Darla(on my other
blog i told you who she is) brought over a present for me and it was a lead rope for me!!! It was very colorful and awesome!!! The lead rope was mostly for when i went over to her house to help her with her horses but it can also be used a leash for my dog Natal. I loved it mostly because it came from her , my 5Th favorite adult in my life. She is really nice and she wrote a note with my present and it said love Darla, Rain( Rain Cloud, her horse), Hodee( her donkey), and Solomon( Her other donkey that is my personal favorite!!!! I love him so much!!!!) he is great!!!! I love all of her animals!!
Here is a video of my favorite band Skillet( to all the people who think TFK and Pillar is better well they are not Skillet is the BEST

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