Friday, May 29, 2009


Hey peoples. Sorry that i have not been posting for a while, i have been busy busy busy with school and softball and chorus and band and surprisingly even more. So... here is an update on my life.
Last softball game i had was really fun. I got two hits which were grounders to the exact same spot, unfortunately right by 1st base so i got out each time and i also hit a foul. Sadly we won but my team still all had fun especially me! I also almost caught 2 pot fly balls but each skimmed off the top of my too small glove.
Another thing that has been happening was the spring concert for my school. My chorus did many great songs but we got off tempo a LOT!!!!!! I also got to sing all by myself the solo that i had sung for music contest which had been in April. By the way for that solo i got a perfect score and only 5 other vocalists got a perfect score and they were all in 7Th or 8Th grade so i guess i did really good!!
The last thing i am going to tell you about is that i had my official last day of school yesterday but i still have some Field trips to go on but i don't think those count as school because they are actually fun! lol I have also been writing like crazy and i have even started my own book and all my friends say it is REALLY good. They have been pestering me to keep writing because they want to read even more. I am SO surprised about that because I didn't even think that it was that good.
Bye i will try to keep typing more often. Bye bye! Te-he!


Teapot Sue said...

Sounds like you're pretty happy!!!

You're sad because you won the game??? That doesn't make much sense to me.......

I can't wait until the end of school!!!

vickylovinhorses said...

I mean i am sad that we lost lol i accidently typed that wrong.:):D:P