Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving is near!

Thanksgiving is almost here! Awesome! The main reason why I like Thanksgiving is because we get out of school for about a week and i get to stuff my face( not literally!:P) with awesome foods. I actually decided that instead of just rushing through it without a second thought i will list some things that i am really grateful and thankful for( I rhymed! Mwahaha!). The first thing is mainly my mom cause she is ALWAYS there for me when i am lonely or sad. If she isn't literally there at the time then i think of her and that she does care even though it sometimes seems like no one does. Without her and my dad i am positively, absolutely sure that my life would completely stink and i would be really lonely. I also am really thankful for my two amazingly awesome dogs, Natal and Bella. Natal has always been and always will be (even when he dies) my best friend not including my mom. Whenever i need someone to pour out my feelings on i just go to Natal and I wouldn't be surprised if he actually was able to listen to and understand me. He just stands there looking at me with his eyes and when i hug him he lets me. He is deffinetly( in my point of view) the BEST DOG EVER! Bella is my puppy who is always jumping up and down and never calms down yet when i am feeling down and i hug her she stands still and seems to understand my feelings. I love them both so much and i would never willingly give either own up. Okay at this very moment Bella is running through the house going crazy so i am having second thoughts on comment and i will get back on that! :>
Got to go now but i will post more later. TTFN!! ( if you didn't know it means ta ta for now!)


Teapot Sue said...

Awww, Natalie is so sweet.

rockergirl789 said...

I know.:) He is my big awesome puppy! XD