Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I just had a browney and a bunch of pepsi at 12 o clock at night! That is a first! grrr... I need more people to view this blog. I am probably force all of my friends to get on it then they will be attached to blogger because it is awesome!I am hyper... though you probably already knew because it is obvious by how many !! i have. I am think i am going to go to bed know cause i am bored or go write! Well yeah so bye! :)


Teapot Sue said...

Haha, I read your blog! I see whenever you post on it cause I follow it on my account. :D

We wanted to watch the ball drop at midnight, but the channel we were watching showed the ball BEFORE it dropped, and that was it! No dropping! Ack.

Happy New Year!

rockergirl789 said...

Your are my only awesome reader... well at least the only one who comments! :)

That is upsetting.:(
My family watched the Dick Clark's new years thing because it was the first show we found. It actually wasn't that bad. Just a lot of famous people singing except for this one dude who had serious voice problemos yet people were still cheering him on. My mom put it on mute because he sounded so bad!

Miss ya