Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello. Yet again i apologize for not posting. My homework was been piling up to my head in the past about 4 or 5 weeks that we have been in school. The amount of homework is a very dramatic change from the small amount of homework in 6Th grade. So far this year i have had one Language arts test, I will have my 4Th social studies test on Monday, I will have my 3rd science test Monday, and I will have my third Math test tomorrow. I am not talking small quizzes. I am talking 50 questions, 100 something points, tests. They are all really big and i have had very many quizzes too so as you can see i have been very very busy with school. Here are some pictures that i really like that i have tacken in my scarce free time instead of getting on the computer. I couldn't put all of the up there so i will and more later. bye bye!:)


Teapot Sue said...

Nice pics!!! I especially like the shot of the bike. You should try to experiment with the settings on your camera if you haven't already.... I have a ball playing with the macro focus. :D

School is a LOT tougher in 7th grade, I've noticed. It's good that we're in the same grade so we can complain with each other. ;D

vickylovinhorses said...

Thanks! I love all of the ones on your blog, they are amazing! Especially the first one that is the ocean in a spotlight. It looks like it should be on the front of a brochure or post card.

Yep, go complaining about 7th grade wawho!:)